Tricol Biomedical Expands Product Lines with Group Purchasing Organizations
Salvin Dental Specialties Is Now Tricol’s Exclusive U.S. Dental Distributor

New Product Offerings with Strategic Partners Will Expand Access for End Users

[December 13: Portland, OR] Tricol Biomedical, a global leader in innovating hemostasis and wound care solutions, has expanded its GPO agreements to include the OneStop™ Vascular line of procedural care products. In addition, the company has developed an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Salvin Dental Specialties for the company’s HemCon® Dental Dressing PRO product line.

Tricol’s agreements with these and others are part of the company’s strategic vision to provide safe, effective hemostasis solutions for medical interventions in the pre-hospital, trauma, acute care, and non-acute care settings.

The company has added new hemostatic devices to its GPO contracts. Both serve as hospital purchasing partners within the United States for their procedural care product lines. Their agreements will now include the OneStop™ Vascular line (1.5 in, 2 in, and pre-slit) to provide unique, non-invasive solutions to control bleeding quickly and safely in both planned and emergent medical procedures.

Tricol’s agreement with Salvin Dental Specialties enables the distributor to sell – exclusively – Tricol’s HemCon® Dental Dressing PRO product line, an oral wound dressing intended as a physical barrier for temporary protection of oral mucosal tissue wounds and to provide pain relief to patients.

“Tricol is constantly innovating with our partners to improve the flow of new product offerings, opening the door with these expanded agreements,” said Christopher Rowland, Tricol’s President and CEO. “At Tricol, it’s all about access to our products — whether online, through our direct sales entities, or through our distribution partnerships. With Tricol’s proprietary chitosan platform, marketed as Chito+™, our sales, purchasing, and distribution partners all enjoy carrying medical devices with the highest level of quality and innovation for hemostasis management.”

Recently recognized as a 2022 Top 10 Wound Care Solutions Company, Tricol has been a world leader in advanced acute wound care innovation for more than 20 years and is dedicated to expanding technologies, platforms, and applications to improve and save lives around the world. Through a strong scientific background, highly skilled team, and significant emphasis on research and development, Tricol has established itself as a global hemostasis devices company that continues to innovate and deliver on its mission to achieve zero preventable deaths due to blood loss. The company holds over 60 patents with its technology documented in over 30 clinical publications. Tricol manufacturers its life-saving Chito+™ hemostatic gauze and bandage families but is also focused on future implantable offerings with controlled dissolution, meaning they effectively control bleeding but then are dissolved sufficiently for the body to pass.