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We pride ourselves on running a patient-focused innovative program dedicated to advanced wound care and bleeding control. Our team is always exploring new opportunities and technologies to develop cutting-edge products and design new innovative solutions to improve patient care.

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HemCon® Bandage Family

(HemCon® Bandage PRO, HemCon Patch® PRO, ChitoDot®)

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HemCon® Advanced Chitosan Uses

Biocompatible and bioabsorbable derivatized chitosan compositions
e.g., U.S. Patent Nos. 9,925,310, 9,547,011, and patents pending.

Percutaneous vascular injury treatment systems and methods
e.g., PCT/US2016/012732, published as WO/2016/112342, and patents pending.

Bioadhesive chitosan gel for controlling bleeding and for promoting healing with scar reduction without obscuring or interfering with access to a surgical field e.g., PCT/US2016/026939, published as WO/2016/164903, and patents pending.

Chitosan superfine fiber systems e.g., PCT/US17/17685, published as WO 2017/139775, and patents pending.

Interested in licensing Tricol Biomedical technology?