The Science Behind Hemostatic Blood Control

Chitosan-based Products

Tricol Biomedical’s HemCon® and OneStop® products are composed of biotechnology that promotes rapid adhesion to injured tissue and provides a tight seal over the injury. These chitosan products have a positive molecular charge, which attracts negatively charged red blood cells — similar to a magnet!

The red blood cells create a clot over the wound as they are drawn to the bandage, forming a very tight, adherent seal. By quickly sealing the wound, the  bandage reduces blood loss and stops bleeding fast. This process occurs separate from the natural clotting cascade that takes place when your body forms its own clot over an injury. Our chitosan bandages also provide an antibacterial barrier that keeps a wide range of bacteria from penetrating the tight seal.

Behind The m.doc® Products

The m.doc® (micro-dispersed oxidized cellulose) HemCon products, unlike our chitosan-based products, work within the clotting cascade.

m.doc® activates the intrinsic pathway of the clotting cascade by interacting with individual coagulation enzymes and activating clot formation (specifically FXII). m.doc® also activates platelets and forms a soft, gel-like matrix (scab) above the wound which prevents clots from washing away and promotes the clotting process. In addition, it provides a structural scaffold through a gel “plug” formation, which causes physical retardation of blood flow and absorbs fluid and provides a surface for proteins and cells to adhere to and interact with.