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Our vision is to achieve zero preventable deaths due to blood loss.

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It’s Stop The Bleed® Month

Public awareness on ways to control bleeding is critical in saving lives. Tricol has products to stop bleeding—fast—when injuries, accidents, and other emergencies happen. With these in hand, you can go from a bystander to a lifesaver.

Stock your clinic, office, and home with Tricol hemostatic essentials:

Trauma Management

Consumer Care

Tricol Is Focused On Saving Lives Through Innovation In Hemostasis.
stop The Bleed!

Tricol Biomedical is a fully integrated medical device company dedicated to significantly advancing the standard of care in hemostatic and wound-care management. Born on the battlefield, our HemCon product line has grown to meet market needs in Trauma Management, Procedural Care, and Consumer Self-Care. We are fully committed to quality and innovation in bleeding control and wound-care technology using our proprietary chitosan, Chito+.

Trauma Management

HemCon has been a long-standing pioneer in battlefield and pre-hospital hemostasis. In 2001, HemCon partnered with the U.S. Army to design a hemostatic dressing that would save the lives of soldiers who suffered traumatic injuries. Our proprietary chitosan, Chito+, was born.

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Procedural Care

Tricol offers unique, non-invasive solutions to quickly, safely control bleeding in medical procedures, in both acute and non-acute care settings.

Our proprietary chitosan, Chito+, is available in a variety of cost-effective products, especially compared to mechanical wound-closure devices.

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Consumer Care

Accidents happen. Be prepared with Tricol’s battlefield-proven bandages and gauze in the comfort of your home.

  • OneStop Bandage controls bleeding rapidly, even for those on blood thinners. It also provides a barrier to bacterial penetration.
  • ChitoGauze® controls bleeding from minor wounds.
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Tricol partners with medical device companies in providing safe, effective hemostasis solutions for their medical interventions. With Tricol’s proprietary chitosan, Chito+, our partners are positioned at a higher level than their competitors.

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The Science Behind Our Products

Our Proprietary Chitosan Products: Chito+

HemCon® PRO hemostatic products possess hemostatic activity that results from a strong polycationic (positive) charge from the incorporated HemCon PRO chitosan. This positive charge correspondingly promotes binding with biopolymers, tissues, and cells possessing inherent negative charge. Tricol’s Chito+ … fast at work.

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Enabling Hemostasis and the Natural Coagulation Pathway

Hemostatic HemCon PRO dressings from Tricol quickly enable hemostasis and allow the body to naturally journey through the coagulation pathway in order to clot.

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