Instructions for Use

HemCon® Bandage PRO 

MMF-RM7181 Rev. 4 – Package Insert, IFU, HemCon Bandage PRO

HemCon®ChitoFlex® PRO 

IFU-ChitoFlex 1×3-RM7185 Rev. 5

HemCon® ChitoGauze® XR PRO Gauze 

MMF-RM7255 Rev. 5 ChitoGauze XR IFU 11×17

HemCon® ChitoPulse® Radial Hemostatic Device 

MMF-RM7260 Rev. 1 ChitoPulse IFU – All Sizes

HemCon® Dental Dressing PRO 

MMF-RM7290 Rev. 1

HemCon® GuardaCare® PRO and ChitoGauze™ Gauze 

MMF-RM7202 Rev. 4 – GuardaCare & ChitoGauze Combined IFU

HemCon® Patch® PRO Patch  

MMF-RM7197 Rev 6- Patch PRO

HemCon® OneStop® Bandage 

IFU – MMF-RM7318-Rev-1_OneStop-Bandage

HemCon® OneStop® Vascular Wound Dressings with Chitosan 

MMF-RM7316 Rev 1- OneStop Vascular

HemCon® Strip


HemCon® Nasal Plugs

MMF-NP002B Rev 1 – HemCon Nasal Plugs