Sports and Wilderness Medicine

Beyond regular hospital and medical settings, critical care is provided by trained medical professionals used to working without a large facility for treatment and care.

Outdoor activities such as sporting events and matches, as well as skiing or hiking can include the battle of lacerations, cuts, bruises and blisters, for the enjoyment and excitement of quality time with one’s adventurous side. Racing down a field to score a goal or rushing to the aid of a fallen hiker in danger is all in a day’s work for a sports medicine or wilderness first responder.
These special teams possess keen assessment skills and deserve the best tools available to stabilize a patient. Amidst this first response care Tricol’s HemCon dressings offer the perfect solution with a variety of forms and convenient sizes to fit any bleeding wound encountered in front line defense.

Designed with front line response in mind, Tricol’s HemCon ChitoGauze® and GuardaCare® dressings are just as at home with wilderness medical teams as they are with military medics. For minor cuts and lacerations, the over-the-counter m.doc product line is a great addition to any adventurers first aid kit.