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m.doc® Spray

m.doc spray is an aerosol can that delivers a suspension containing Tricol’s proprietary formulation of microdispersed oxidized cellulose (m.doc) which can be sprayed directly onto a bleeding wound. M.doc is a natural oxidized cellulose powder which rapidly absorbs the blood from minor scrapes and cuts to form a soft gel-like layer over the wound and helps stop bleeding fast. Available for private label packaging.

Ideal Application

  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • Topical wounds and abrasions

Intended Use

m.doc Topical Hemostatic Spray is intended to be used for topical control of bleeding from minor cuts and abrasions of the skin surface.

Features & Benefits

Rapid Effect:
Stops minor bleeding fast
Ideal for persistent or recurring bleeding
pH balanced and biocompatible
Completely natural – derived from cotton
Easy to Use:
Intuitive aerosol design application
Wipe to remove
Has no adverse effects or contra-indications

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