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HemCon® Dental Dressing PRO

HemCon oral wound dressings offer emergency medical professionals, general practitioners, periodontists and oral surgeons innovative dressings for oral mucosal tissue wounds. The dressings become adherent when in contact with the oral wound environment, providing a protective layer that can be custom cut to fit your patient’s needs. HemCon Dental Dressings provide a physical barrier to protect the wound surface, all while reducing pain.

Available Sizes & SKUs:

  • 10 mm x 12 mm
    • U.S. PN#1050
    • EU/O.U.S. PN#1051 (CE Marked)
  • 1 inch x 3 inch
    • U.S.: PN#1052
    • EU/O.U.S.: PN#1053 (CE Marked)

Both sizes can be purchased as a box of 12 dressings or a case of 144 dressings through our dental web store.

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Ideal Application

• Extraction sites
• Oral surgery wounds
• Periodontal donor sites
• Maxillofacial trauma

Intended Use

The HemCon Dental Dressing PRO is an oral wound dressing intended as a physical barrier for temporary protection of oral mucosal tissue and to provide pain relief.

Europe and O.U.S.:
The HemCon Dental Dressing PRO is an oral hemostatic wound dressing intended as a physical barrier for temporary protection of oral mucosal tissue and to provide pain relief.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Cost Effective:
Ideally sized dressing; helps reduce chair time to maximize patient turns.
Less Hands-on Time:
Adhesive properties help secure dressing to mucosal tissue
Primary closure not necessary
May reduce overall need for sutures
Works quickly1-4
Offers pain relief and works without the use of thrombin.
Provides a physical barrier for temporary protection of the wound surface
No known contra-indications
Simple Application:
Intuitive application
Typically dissolves within 48 hours
No removal necessary

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Note: Some of the Uses Described in this Information Have not Been Cleared by the FDA

How to Buy

The HemCon Dental Dressing is available for purchase online.

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