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GuardaCare®XR Surgical

GuardaCareXR Surgical is an x-ray detectable hemostat for temporary use that controls all levels of surgical bleeding quickly and effectively, reducing blood loss. The dressing is easy to use and does not require prep time or extensive product training. The gauze is z-folded for fast and intuitive application and the radiopaque element allows for easy retrieval of all dressings placed which may help avoid adverse surgical incidents.

Available Sizes & SKUs:

  • 2 inch x 2 inch, 8ply (PN#1031)
  • 4 inch x 4 inch, 8ply (PN#1032)
  • 4 inch x 2 yards (PN#1033)

Ideal Application

• Surgical Wounds
• Cardio-Thoracic CABG Sternum Walls
• Plastics
• Oncology
• Orthopedic
• Trauma

Intended Use

HemCon GuardaCareXR is a hemostatic dressing intended for the temporary control of severely bleeding wounds such as surgical wounds and traumatic injuries.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Cost Effective:
Lower cost than other alternatives
Minimize lap pad and sponge utilization
Rapid bleeding control can result in less need for cauterization.
Fast Hemostasis:
Achieves hemostasis quickly even on severe bleeding1-8
Dressing minimizes blood loss6-8
Reduced blood loss can reduce the need for transfusions
Works with the low to severe bleeding
Provides localized support of clotting
Reduces visual obstruction to the surgical field
No human or bovine thrombin
Works independently of the clotting cascade
Contains radio-opaque element to easily retrieve all dressings which may help avoid adverse surgical incidents
Double pouched for aseptic surgical field transfer
Simple Application:
Reduces direct pressure protocol to free up staff
Familiar configuration conforms to a variety of wound and anatomy types
No prep time before use

1. Rall JM, et al. “Comparison of novel hemostatic dressings with QuikClot combat gauze in a standardized swine model of uncontrolled hemorrhage.” Journal of Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2013 Aug; 75(2 Suppl 2):S150-6.
2. Baron J., et al. “The Efficacy And Safety Of HemCon® GuardaCare®XR Surgical Following Surgical Repair In Management Of Postpartum Bleeding Due To Multiple Vaginal Lacerations.” Presented at Soroka Medical Center OBGYN Congress, Israel, January 2012.
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4. Xie, Hua, et at. “Comparison of Hemostatic Efficacy of ChitoGauze and Combat Gauze in a Lethal Femoral Arterial Injury in Swine Model.” ATACCC 2009.


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