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Cardiac Cath | Interventional Radiology

A non-invasive solution to stop bleeding in the Cath, IR, and electrophysiology lab.

After diagnostic or interventional procedures, the medical professionals focus changes from exploration and treatment to hemostasis.

Tricol offers a unique solution that was specifically designed for the diagnostic and interventional catheterization world in mind, the HemCon Patch® PRO for femoral and brachial access sites. The product offers a non-invasive solution to help patients reach hemostasis fast, safely, and effectively without any added complications.

The product is based on the HemCon® PRO chitosan technology with a solid track record of performance in cath labs across the world and provides an enhancement to any hospital’s direct pressure protocol, controlling bleeding for all patients. The HemCon products also offers an antibacterial barrier against a wide range of micro-organisms.


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